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Security camera catches 19-year-old Florida State quarterback punching woman at a bar



Prosecutors released security camera footage on Monday of 19-year-old Florida State University quarterback De’Andre Johnson hitting a woman inside a bar,the Tallahassee Democrat reported.

Johnson, a freshman, faces a misdemeanor battery charge in connection with the incident. He turned himself in to police on June 30 and was released from jail on a $500 bond.

The video shows Johnson moving toward the bar on the evening of June 24 when he is confronted by the woman. According to court records, the woman began talking to Johnson after she felt him push past her aggressively. She is then seen raising her right fist, at which point Johnson grabs her right arm and pushes her. As the altercation continues, she swings at him with her left hand, but Johnson backs away before swinging and hitting her in the face. He quickly leaves the scene before people begin to help the unidentified woman.

State Attorney Willie Meggs said the woman still had a black eye when she met with his office the same day Johnson turned himself in. Records stated that she suffered a small cut near the bridge of her nose, as well as swelling of her upper lip and left cheek on top of the bruising near her left eye.

“She’s a good witness and she wants to testify,” Meggs said. “She’s a little nervous about it.”


Florida State suspended Johnson indefinitely last week, citing “athletic department policy.”

The university’s former starting quarterback, Jameis Winston, was at the center of several incidents during his Florida State career, including an investigation for possible sexual assault. Winston was ultimately not charged. However, his accuser sued him this past April, seeking financial damages.

According to Sports Illustrated, Johnson, a highly-rated recruit, was expected to compete to be the team’s backup quarterback this coming season.


The Democrat posted footage of the incident involving Johnson, which can be seen below.

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Trump supporter blames Democrats for being targeted by the president: ‘Why is that racist?’



CNN interviewed a supporter of President Donald Trump in Eau Claire, Wisconsin who refused to acknowledge the racism in the president's "Go Back" attacks on four women of color in Congress.

The network interviewed Kerri Krumenauer of Wiersgalla Plumbing & Heating Company about Trump's attacks.

"How is it racist?" she asked.

"If you don't like this country, get out," she demanded. "Leave!"

She then showed how misinformed she was about the incident.

"He didn't use any names -- they stood up," she falsely claimed. In fact, Trump did use names and the targets did not stand up as they were not at his North Carolina campaign rally.

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Black GOP strategist called on the carpet by Joy Reid for trying to sidestep Trump’s racist rally as ’empowering’ voters



An "AM Joy" panel on MSNBC descended into talking over each other as host Joy Reid confronted a black GOP consultant over Donald Trump's racist rally in North Carolina.

Presenting the conservative point of view, Republican strategist Lenny McAllister was asked point-blank by the host, "Lenny, hold on a second, because you as a man of color yourself -- do you feel comfortable in a party that does rallies like that?"

McAllister pushed back saying he had walked away from just those type of events, before admitting, "To the greater point. They're using racism as an avenue through which people feel empowered, they lend you the loyalty, they give you the vote. What Republicans need to do is continue to empower people, but not by using racism and not by using phobia."

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Dershowitz and Trump should both be worried what Jeffrey Epstein will reveal when he looks to cut a deal: ex-prosecutor



On Saturday, Georgetown Law professor and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler discussed the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case with MSNBC's Joy Reid, and the conversation turned to Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz's increasingly furious battle with David Boies, a prominent lawyer representing some of Epstein's alleged victims. Dershowitz has been accused by one of the women of also abusing her at one of Epstein's parties, a claim he categorically denies.

"I've had sex with one woman since the day I met Jeffrey Epstein," said Dershowitz in a Fox News clip Reid played for her viewers. "I challenge David Boies to say under oath that he's only had sex with one woman during that same period of time, he couldn't do it. So he has an enormous amount of chutzpah to attack me and to challenge my perfect, perfect sex life during the relevant period of time."

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