Texas Republican: Democrats must ‘apologize now’ for their Confederate flag or ‘shut up’
Rep. Pete Olson (Facebook)

A Texas Republican demanded that Democrats apologize for the Confederate flag or “shut up” about it.

GOP leadership – at the urging of Republican lawmakers from five former slave states – tried to remove language from an interior appropriations bill last week that would prohibit the Confederate flag from flying in national parks.

Republican lawmakers in South Carolina also tried to block or delay the removal of the Confederate flag over the statehouse, while at least three GOP presidential candidates have defended the symbol of treason and slavery.

But, according to Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX), Democrats should be more closely associated with the Confederate flag, reported Right Wing Watch.

“The Democrats have no standing whatsoever to talk about that flag because that was the flag of their party during the Civil War, that was their battle flag, not our battle flag – our battle flag was the stars and stripes with President Lincoln,” Olson told conservative radio host Sam Malone.

“They have no credibility,” Olson said. “Just shut up. Apologize now.”

Olson last year demanded that President Barack Obama apologize after two unidentified senior administration officials were quoted in a magazine article describing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "chickensh*t" and "coward."

Watch Olson's remarks posted online by RWW Blog: