'This is gay Sharia': Conservative warns of anti-Christian fascism after marriage equality ruling
The White House lit in gay pride rainbow (Shuttershock)

"Love has won, now it's time to shoot the prisoners."

Conservative columnist John Zmirak took to conservative radio programs recently to caution that America is about to fall to "gay Sharia," according to Right Wing Watch.

Now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, Zmirak is convinced the United States will institute a "two-tier system of religion" in which there are government-sanctioned churches and "rogue" ones, he said on conservative talk show host Joe Miller's show Thursday.

"That's exactly like what exists in communist China right now," he said. "It's like what we have in Putin's Russia, where the orthodox church gets government favors and other churches are persecuted."

He then invoked the Muslim code of conduct called Sharia that is often used to instill fear of a take-over, a notion the Guardian's Nesrine Malik calls "creeping Sharia."

"Essentially, it also replicates the system of Sharia, where Muslims get government-supported approval and Christians pay a special punitive tax," he said. "Go ahead and admit that essentially, this is gay Sharia."

Friday, on the Eric Metaxas Show, he said that churches are on the brink of losing their tax-exempt status.

"I think if we have a president like Hillary Clinton, in the first 100 days of her administration, you will see the tax exemptions of every faithful church and synagogue revoked," he said. "It will be presented as progress. Love has won, now it's time to shoot the prisoners."

Metaxas said the United States is on a slippery slope to pre-World War II German fascism.

For four years he has been warning about the parallels between Germany in the 1930s and modern America, Metaxas said.

"Let's go back to the early days before people had any idea where this was going to end up," he said. "The state in Germany started pushing the churches, and the churches didn't know how to react. They let them get away with it."

And soon, he said, it was "game over."

Zmirak has said that American Christians are on the verge of being victims of a holocaust like the Armenians during the Armenian Genocide, Jews in Nazi German and Tutsis in Rwanda, according to Right Wing Watch.

When asked by Miller, Zmirak also acknowledged he had made the claim that the marriage equality ruling, which "trumps religious freedom," poses more of a threat to the United States than ISIS.

Listen to the segments below via Right Wing Watch: