Watch Jesse Ventura destroy GOP candidates one by one: 'Nobody has told Mike Huckabee sex is fun'
Ora's Jesse Ventura (screen grab)

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura (I) took on the top tier of Republican presidential candidates and determined that none of them were qualified to lead the country.

Speaking on his Ora TV Off the Grid show on Thursday, the former Navy SEAL began with claims made by "climate denier Ted Cruz."

"The more carbon you are putting into the atmosphere, the hotter it's going to get," Ventura explained to Cruz. "That is a scientific fact, Ted Cruz. It's not debatable, it's science."

Turning to Ben Carson, Ventura wondered when he "made the choice to be gay or hetero."

"It don't work that way, it's physical, you are born that way," Ventura pointed out. "But see, people like Ben Carson can't get it through their thick heads that people are indeed born that way."

"Anyone that makes a statement like that should not be the president of the United States by any stretch of the imagination," he added.

When it came to Mike Huckabee's assertion that women wanted birth control because "they cannot control their libido," Ventura rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

"Mike Huckabee is one of these religious fanatics who thinks you have sex just to procreate," Ventura quipped. "Nobody has told Mike Huckabee that sex is fun. Nobody has told Mike Huckabee that it is probably the most enjoyable thing men and women can do together. Why do you think it happens so often?"

"And if you're a religious man, Mike, if it was only to produce children, why did God make it feel so damn good?"

Watch Ventura's take on the other candidates below.