WATCH: Lewis Black's side-splitting 2011 monologue about 'President Trump' is even more hilarious now
Lewis Black on the Daily Show (Screenshot/The Daily Show)

A rant from the best "angry comic" in the country, Lewis Black, about Donald Trump's 2012 campaign run seems to be as relevant this year as it was then.

The video, which Black drew attention to by retweeting "Random Pixels blog," features a typically-outraged Black ranting about Trump and the general state of U.S. politics during his Daily Show segment, "Back in Black."

During the monologue, Black held up a Trump 2012 poster and said, "This is what I've been waiting for my whole life! A president who's not afraid to tell the truth about being a lying a**hole."

What this country needs, he said, is "a crazy third-world dictator, and Donald Trump has what it takes to be that," adding he already has a "harem" and an over-sized ego.

As if to prove Black's point, Trump said this during a campaign speech today in Iowa, according to Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel:

He then compared Trump's swirling, trademark hairstyle to that of former North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

"Trump, 2012! You're fired, America!" Black proclaimed.

Watch the segment via the Daily Show here: