Bad news for Josh Duggar: Candidate for newly formed Christian Party would jail adulterers
Christian Party presidential candidate Darrell Trigg - Darrell Trigg for President website

The self-announced presidential candidate for the newly formed Christian Party has released his platform which is a combination of harsh penalties for domestic abusers and adulterers, making God "an integral part of the government of the U.S." and surprising calls for a crackdown on greedy pharmaceutical companies.

According to WVLT, Darrell Trigg, an engineer from Rogersville, Tennessee, has announced he is running for U.S. president as a candidate of the Christian Party whose motto states: "Calm Strength - Implicit Faith - Fearless Courage -- Confidence in God."

In his biography, Trigg explained that he was "saved" as a child of ten at his family's church in Virginia, and that "a few years ago, Darrell felt God's calling to write a campaign platform that dealt with several problems facing our nation."

With that in mind, Trigg put together a platform heavy on the Christian God in the government while still allowing freedom of religion for other faiths.

"The national religion of The United States of America will be the Christian religion," he wrote. "Those belonging to other religions, such as Islam, will be free to live and worship here as now, with their own religion;  however, the Christian religion will be the one chosen to form the basic moral principles of our nation, to give it a strong moral foundation, and a right relationship with God."

Trigg, whose candidacy for president is no less quixotic than Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina's,  also called for mandatory teaching of the Bible in school, but at the same time advocated increasing school budgets and teacher pay.

When it comes to marriage, Trigg believes it should only be between a man and a woman and that both parties should be over the age of 22 and must attend Christian counseling before tying the knot. He states that "penalties for abuse and infidelity will include large fines and jail time," and that pregnant couples must attend Christian parenting classes.

Showing an almost socialist streak, Trigg also said that executive pay for "managers and officers of public - traded corporations will be limited to $300,000 per year," with the same income restriction applying to coaches of sports team at colleges and universities.

While not mentioning Obamacare, Trigg wrote "Employers will be required to provide insurance for their employees. The costs of medical services and pharmaceuticals will be reviewed. These will be offered at a fair price without excessive profit for the providers," while also leaving room for marijuana for medical reasons only. He would also allow for abortion "in situations where the child has a small probability of living and the pregnancy is placing the life of the mother in extreme risk."

Trigg does not call for stoning of gays or adulterers -- as advocated in the Bible -- but said that "Homosexuality will not be recognized legally, or in any other manner, by the United States government or any state, city, or county government."

For those wishing to hoist a glass to Trigg's candidacy, he would also raise the legal drinking age  to 25.

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