California GOP group plans ‘Taste of Kenya’ fundraiser headlined by 'birther' filmmaker
Joel Gilbert (YouTube)

A Republican women's group in California is planning an African-themed fundraiser for later this month featuring "birther" filmmaker Joel Gilbert.

Gilbert -- a Bob Dylan impersonator who has directed several films promoting conspiracy theories about Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley and President Barack Obama -- will speak Aug. 20 at the "Taste of Kenya" dinner hosted by the Monterey Peninsula Republican Women Federated.

Gilbert will discuss his film, "Dreams From My Real Father," which speculates that Obama's biological father was anti-racism activist Frank Marshall Davis -- who he describes as a "communist propagandist."

The filmmaker and musician will also show video excerpts of his interview with Malik Obama, the president's older half-brother, and his latest anti-Obama film, "There's No Place Like Utopia."

"We will toast the end of an era as Mr. Obama begins to wind down his Presidency and fades into history," the GOP group, which is affiliated with the Monterey County Republican Party -- which will host the event at its headquarters.

Each $30 minimum donation will go toward the group's scholarship or general funds.

The group's members will prepare and serve Kenyan cuisine as appetizers, although no menu was publicized.

Watch an interview with Gilbert posted online by The Alex Jones Channel: