D.L. Hughley: Trump's popularity is tied to his racism -- 'If he said n****r he'd be elected tomorrow'
Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley -- TMZ screenshot

Stopped by a photographer from TMZ at LAX, comedian and actor D.L. Hughley had a few things to say about GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, including how his popularity can be directly attributed to his racism.

With the GOP debate this week, Hughley was asked if the GOP would try to stop the blustery businessman on the sidelines.

"I think the more racist stuff Trump says, the better he does in the polls," the comedian said. "If he said n****r, he'd be elected tomorrow. Anybody that takes Trump -- Trump being president is like Flavor Flav winning a spelling bee. I just don't know how they take that seriously."

Hughley also mocked the rest of the GOP field for trailing Trump in the polls.

"I think he's turned the whole thing into a reality show," Hughley explained. "How sorry are the other people running if Donald Trump is their best choice? How bad can your self-esteem be hurt when you're getting your ass beat by Donald Trump in a political event."

Watch the video below from TMZ: