Florida couple accused of raping orphaned teen for years — and using the Bible to justify it
Image: Rob and Marie Johnson are accused of sexually abusing a teen girl (Port St. Lucie Police)

A 21-year-old Indiana woman has accused a couple who she lived with in Port St. Lucie, FL of physically and sexually abusing her for five years and using scripture from the Christian Bible's Old Testament to justify it.

WPTV News reported that the accuser says that she was sent to live with Rob and Marie Johnson after the death of her mother nine years ago. The then-13-year-old was sexually abused by Rob Johnson virtually from the day she arrived in the home.

Detective Daniel Herrington of the Port St. Lucie Police Department told WPTV that the woman first went to the police in Indiana where she lives now.

"She ended up hearing stories of other women who had come forward, hearing also the stories of women who did not come forward, to tell about their abuse," said Herrington.

Rob and Marie Johnson reportedly believe in Old Testament law regarding marriage, under which a man can have many wives who are ultimately his property. The girl was ordered to call Jeff "Master" and to submit to his and Marie's sexual advances whenever they ordered her to.

The Johnsons reportedly preyed on the young girl's fear of being abandoned by telling her that if she wanted to be part of their family, she had to have sex with them.

"If she did not, the threat was that she would be turned over to state custody,” Herrington said.

Marie and Rob Johnson are charged with two felony counts of sexual assault against a child. They were arrested on Tuesday and released on bond Wednesday morning.

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