Fox hosts freak out: Funny or Die is 'in bed with the devil' for mocking bogus Planned Parenthood attacks
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on June 17, 2015.

The hosts of Fox News' The Five expressed disgust on Thursday over a new Funny or Die video poking fun at conservative attacks against Planned Parenthood, Media Matters reported.

"What can they do? I mean, they're in bed with the devil," Greg Gutfeld complained. "It's called Funny Or Die, but fetuses don't have that choice because they're already dead. It's a shame that Funny Or Die didn't exist generations ago because they would have been great propagandists for Stalin."

The video, released on Monday, features a group of female comedians melodramatically explaining their experiences with the agency.

"Planned Parenthood overwhelms me with the ability to make my own choices," Nicole Byer says at one point, adding, "without having to ask my congressman."

The clip can be seen below:

While the skit explicitly notes that no federal funding is used toward the organization's abortion services, host Dana Perino called it "a desperate attempt" to defuse the allegations surrounding the heavily-doctored videos released by an anti-abortion group claiming that it illegally sells fetal tissue for profit, and suggested that Funny or Die was enlisted in the effort.

"I'm really just speechless when you see something like that," Kimberly Guilfoyle said after a clip of the video was aired. "I don't think it's OK to make a mockery of women's health, or of informed consent, or of doing an investigation that is much needed. They are actually doing other women a disservice by trying to cover up the truth."

Guilfoyle did not mention that the videos have been denounced by not only other news outlets, but bioethicists, as a "trojan horse" campaign intent on misinformation.

Watch footage from the discussion, as posted by Media Matters on Thursday, below.