Kentucky woman fires gun at two 8-year-old children while babysitting them, blames alcohol
Lorie Cornett accused of shooting at young children (Whitley County Detention Center)

A Kentucky woman was arrested last week after police accused her of firing a gun at two young children who she was supposed to be babysitting.

An arrest report obtained by WLEX said that two 8-year-olds in Whitley County fled to a neighbor's home in the middle of the night on Aug. 16 because their babysitter, Lorie Cornett, was shooting at them.

A caller reported to 911 dispatchers that the two children accused Cornett of "trying to kill them."

Deputies responding to the call said that they believed the children because Cornett greeted them with a cocked pistol.

"She met him with a loaded pistol, and it was cocked," Sheriff Colan Harrell told WKYT, adding that "her explanation was that she had been on medication and had been drinking."

"The deputies took the gun and it had two spent cartridges in it and three empty cartridges were laying on the table inside. The kids were not hit fortunately, but they went through a lot," Harrell explained to WLEX.

Investigators suspected that three other shots were fired inside the home.

Cornett told police that she had no memory of the children being with her. She was charged with three counts wanton endangerment and booked into the Whitley County Detention Center.

Watch the video below from WKYT, broadcast Aug. 14, 2015.