Notorious ex-GOP leader who spewed hatred online gets his law license suspended in South Carolina
Attorney Todd Kincannon - (Screenshot - WLTX)

A South Carolina attorney who was briefly the executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party has had his license to practice law suspended by the state Supreme Court, WLTX is reporting.

Columbia attorney Todd Kincannon, who saw his Twitter account suspended in 2013 for his threatening and over-the-top tweets, was  put on what is known as "incapacity active status" by the state's highest court, although no reason was given.

Kincannon was recently detained by police after threatening his wife in a Chick-fil-A parking lot, refusing to let her out of the car and saying he would kill himself if she left. After being taken in for observation, Kincannon blamed his outburst on cough medicine saying it made him "erratic," although his wife said he had a previous history of domestic abuse that she never reported.

The South Carolina Republican only lasted three months as Executive Director of the state party, stepping down after being pressured over his offensive Twitter posts. The now-suspended attorney has called for the internment of transgender men and women, advocated killing an Iraq war veteran turned anti-war activist Michael Prysner, and said of shooting victim Trayvon Martin: "This Super Bowl sucks more dick than adult Trayvon Martin would have for drug money."

A representative for state GOP also accused Kincannon of "generously editing" his resume prior to getting the position.

Attorney Peyre Thomas Lumpkin was assigned by the court to assume the responsibility and casework at Kincannon's private firm.

Watch video from WLTX below: