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Sarah Palin and Trump complain about ‘gotcha questions’ after he can’t name favorite Bible verse



Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump shared gripes on Friday over what Palin has characterized as an unfair question — which verse from the Bible Trump likes the most.

“I listened to that going, ‘Do they ask Hillary that? What does it have to do with running for the office of the presidency? Is it anybody’s business?'” Palin told Trump during an interview on Friday. “These personal ‘gotcha’ questions, really trying to get you us, anybody running for office off game. How are you finding that, and finding a technique to put them in their place so that the American public isn’t wasting their time and actually get to hear what’s important via candidates’ message?”


“You saw that. I love the Bible, and I’m Protestant, I’m Presbyterian. And they were hitting me with different questions, one right after the other,” he replied. “I don’t know if it’s ‘gotcha questions,’ it probably is. And then they said, ‘What’s your favorite verse?’ You know, that’s a very personal thing. I don’t like giving that out to people that you hardly know. Frankly, I don’t know if they’re fair questions, or not fair questions, but there are certain things that you, myself and a lot of other people like to personal.”

Neither of them mentioned that the “gotcha” moment happened in connection to Trump’s repeated declaration that the Bible is his favorite book of all time. CNN reported on Friday that Marble Collegiate Church, where Trump said he attends services, does not consider him to be an active member.

Palin also failed to mention a CNN report from earlier this year stating that Clinton, a self-identified Methodist, willingly recited Corinthians 13 during a meeting with a pastor in Columbia, South Carolina.

However, the former vice-presidential nominee did pick up the conservative media trend of trying to discredit Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos by calling him a “political activist” following their encounter earlier this week in Dubuque, Iowa.


“You schooled that radical activist,” she said. “And it was the right thing to do, ’cause I don’t think he’s gonna pull that again. Where’d you get your guts for that kind of necessary confrontation?”

“The press was very good to me on that one,” Trump said. “He was totally out of line. He was screaming and ranting and raving. And I actually said, ‘Who is this guy?’ Then I actually figured it out.”

While conservative outlets have applauded Trump, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists condemned him for kicking him out of a press conference before having a combative exchange regarding Trump’s plan to deport all of the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants.


Watch the interview, as posted online on Friday, below.

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14 people dead after Turkey fires on civilian convoy carrying journalists and aid workers



A convoy carrying foreign journalists, civilians and State defense forces (SDF) traveling to traveling to Ras al-Ayn, NBC News reported Sunday.

So far, 14 are dead and 10 have been injured. The convoy was being guarded by armed men and was hit as it arrived in the city, a border town that Turkey has seized as they have been firing on the Kurds.

"We have heard from some of the journalists that were part of this convoy, a convoy that was a mix of journalists and civilians. A France2 reporter was inside the convoy. She tweets 'We were in the convoy targeted by Turkish forces and allies. Our team is fine, but some colleagues are dead.' No details on the colleagues," said NBC News reporter Erin McLaughlin. "We’re also waiting to hear from Turkish military officials about what unfolded there today."

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Kanye ripped for latest Trump defense: Always someone willing to write a check to ‘a black person defending white supremacy’



Kanye West hugging Trump

A panel discussion on recent concerts put on by Kanye West in Salt Lake City and Howard University turned to his new recent comments he made defending his support for Donald Trump -- with one panelist saying the rapper is getting paid on the side for siding with the president.

Speaking with host Kendis Gibson, guests Danielle Moodie-Mills and Clay Cane were harshly critical of West trying to drum up black support for the president as well as his recent comments on slavery.

"What is going on here?" Gibson began. "So you saw the pictures of Kanye West in the middle of Salt Lake City. He drew about 10,000 people here at Howard University, it was a smaller crowd because they didn't get the e-mail about it until 6:00 a.m. on homecoming weekend. Largely, a lot of people who are going to these shows are black folks. These are some of the scenes in Salt Lake City, so people are wondering: is he sort of like Trump's secret weapon, a secret outreach to the black community? "

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WATCH: White House protesters chant ‘impeach Trump’ loud enough for aides to hear



Protesters gathered in front of the White House on Sunday to call on President Donald Trump to be removed from office.

Videos circulated online showed protesters chanting "impeach Trump" close enough to the White House for staff to hear the demonstration.

In other videos, protesters were blowing loud whistles.

Meanwhile, demonstrators also greeted Trump as he visited his New Jersey golf course. Pro-impeachment protesters were also reportedly out on the streets in Boston and New York City.

Watch some of the video clips below.

Outside the White House right now:

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