Second Amendment activist: Banning guns is like banning the Bible in favor of Satan books
Alan Gottlieb talks to Colorado State Sen. Gordon Klingenschmitt (Screenshot/Right Wing Watch)

The government banning semi-automatic handguns is like the government banning books like the Bible, a second amendment activist told GOP lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt on his "Pray in Jesus Name" program.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, took to Colorado State Sen. Gordon Klingenschmitt's show to make the mother of all false equivalencies recently, according to Right Wing Watch.

"We have an anti-gun state with anti-gun laws, where the bureaucracy then is allowed to decide what guns you can own and you can't own," he said. "Imagine if it was the First Amendment where the government was deciding what books you could read, or books you couldn't read. They decided to ban the Bible but you could have something else. You could have a book about Satan but you couldn't have the Bible."

Gottlieb is up in arms because the Massachusetts attorney general has the purview to block the public from owning guns deemed unsafe, so newer Glock models are not on the market.

"They're used by the Massachusetts police department, so they can't exactly be unsafe if police officers use them, and they're exempt from it," he said. "But the average citizen can't have that gun."

Watch the exchange, via Right Wing Watch, here: