Shirtless man claiming to be Tarzan arrested after swinging from trees at California zoo
John William Rodenborn (Screenshot/KTLA)

Police in Orange County, California, arrested a shirtless man this week who was swinging from trees at a local zoo and claiming to be Tarzan.

John William Rodenborn, 37, was arrested Tuesday after he tried to break into two enclosures at the Santa Ana Zoo. He first tried to get into the bird exhibit, then attempted to swing into the monkey exhibit from nearby trees, authorities told KTLA. He is suspected of being under the influence of methamphetamine.

He was covered in mud and wearing only brown pants.

"We have a gentleman who is — appears to be — under the influence of something and is climbing in our trees and jumping into animal exhibits," Santa Ana Zoo Director Kent Yamaguchi told a dispatcher during the 911 call, KTLA reports. "He’s shouting at people that he’s Tarzan."

He had apparently crawled through some mud in one of the enclosures at one point. None of the animals at the zoo were disturbed, KTLA reports. Rodenborn was cited and released.

On Thursday, Rodenborn was again arrested for allegedly stealing a woman's cell phone, authorities told the Costa Mesa Daily Pilot. He was found hiding in a flood channel.

He took off running, but was found hiding in someone's garage. Eventually he was cornered and arrested and is now being held on $220,000 bail, the Daily Pilot reports.

Watch the report from KTLA here: