Staten Island attorney demands 'Game of Thrones'-style trial by combat to resolve civil lawsuit
Attorney Richard Luthmann - YouTube

A Staten Island attorney with a fondness for HBO's Game Of Thrones  filed a motion with the state Supreme Court to resolve a legal dispute over fraud with a trial by combat, writing "If these people want to insist on having it out, then we'll have it out."

In what is no doubt a publicity stunt for the flamboyant attorney who advertises on YouTube, Richard Luthmann based his appeal on the popular dragons and swordplay HBO series, according to Staten Island Live.

Responding to charges that he helped a  client commit fraud, Luthmann wrote, "The allegations made by plaintiffs, aided and abetted by their counsel, border upon the criminal. As such, the undersigned (Luthmann) respectfully requests that the court permit the undersigned to dispatch plaintiffs and their counsel to the Divine Providence of the Maker for Him to exact His divine judgment once the undersigned has released the souls of the plaintiffs and their counsel from their corporeal bodies, personally and or by way of a champion."

On Game of Thrones, those accused of crimes can request a fight to the death and may use a volunteer "champion" to fight in their stead.

According to Luthmann, neither New York nor the United States have ever outlawed trial by combat.

Court filings show that  Luthmann had represented David Parker who was embroiled in a dispute over more than $500,000 he allegedly owed the plaintiffs, and that Luthmann instructed him to hide his assets "beyond the reach of (his) creditors" in violation of state law.

In turn, Parker wired $50,000 into an account controlled by Luthmann five days after the suit was filed in a Manhattan courtroom which Luthmann claims is legally his.

Fighting off the personal lawsuit against him, Luthmann filled his 10-page legal brief with historical references to trial by combat, noting, "One of the inconveniences of this procedure is, that the party who institutes it must be willing, if required, to stake his life in support of his accusation."

Attorneys for Parker have yet to respond to the legal filing or the gauntlet which has been thrown.

By raven, of course.