'Talking like a pimp n****r': Republican bails on fundraiser after seeing host's insanely racist Facebook page
Dan Robart supporter Bob Thomason with his daughter - Facebook

Faced with a tough election for Municipal Clerk of Courts, the former Republican mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has canceled a fundraiser at a booster's home after being alerted to the man's incredibly racist -- and stunningly misspelled -- Facebook page, reports Ohio.com.

After initially defending his friend and supporter, 74-year-old Cuyahoga Falls resident Bob Thomason, as “a good solid man” who wasn’t racist but just “kind of old school,” former mayor Dan Robart thought it best to stay away from the fundraiser being held Saturday for his campaign.

Robart said he was unaware of the racist postings since he doesn't have a Facebook page of his own but has since seen them because his wife is friends with Thomason on Facebook.

Thomas makes liberal use of the N-word in multiple posts, continually misspelling it along with other words laden with odd capitalization.

Speaking of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Thomason wrote, "Dressed as A white Man. Talking like pimp N***r," while another reads "This the way N***R'S Celebrate The Death Of A N***r Thuug..." above a photo of police in Ferguson dealing with protestors.

Along with backing Robart, Thomason is also a supporter of Donald Trump writing: "'ll bet 2 to 1...That when Mr Trump is prez .The spooks won't be acting mindless N***rs...."

Robart, whose campaign sticker is featured prominently all over Thomason's Facebook page, disavowed his supporter's views saying, “I find his comments to be totally repulsive and I emphatically do not support any comments made privately or publicly by him on his Facebook page.”

Thomason defends his comments by saying he is not a racist.

“I know two languages fluently: English and profanity,” he explained. “Political correctness has run amok in this country” and that calling some black people by the N-word doesn’t make him a racist.

“I have numerous black people I would never refer to as a [racial epithet],” he said, adding that he once sponsored a Kenyan family as proof that he is not a racist.

The Robart supporter's racist comments --along with misogynistic ones referring to women by the C-word --became widely shared after his political opponent, incumbent clerk Kevin Coughlin, brought them to the attention of local papers.