Ted Nugent's creepy defense of Donald Trump: I like to watch Megyn Kelly while naked on my couch
Ted Nugent interviewed by KENS-TV on Feb. 18, 2014.

Rock star and conservative activist Ted Nugent defended Donald Trump by bemoaning that Fox News' Megyn Kelly had gone into the "status quo," while also making lurid remarks about watching her show, Media Matters reported.

"I'm a big fan of Donald Trump because I believe in bold, aggressive, unapologetic truth. Period," Nugent told WIBX-AM host Bill Keeler. "And I'm not a fan of Megyn Kelly, although I often turn on Fox just to look at her. Sometimes when I'm loading my [gun ammunition] magazines, I like to just look at her. And I usually sit naked on the couch dropping hot brass on my stuff."

Rather than challenge Nugent, Keeler and his co-hosts can be heard laughing at his remarks in an audio excerpt from the program.

Nugent then ripped Kelly for pressing Trump on his history of insulting women during a Aug. 6 Republican presidential candidate debate.

"I'm afraid the gorgeous, stunning, otherwise professional and tuned-in Megyn Kelly absolutely fell of the cliff of political correctness when she proposed that obnoxious, meaningless, nonsensical, biased question for Donald Trump," Nugent argued. "It did nothing to further the quality of politics -- boy, there's two words that never belong together -- so I think what Donald Trump is doing. Wait, I take that back -- I know what Donald Trump is doing is representing the absolute heartbreak and anger and frustration at a government gone mad and a corruption in power abuse by the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches of our government."

Kelly said on Monday that she would not respond to Trump's comments about "blood coming out of her wherever" during the debate. But she also refused to apologize for asking the question, saying she would continue to do her work "without fear or favor."

Listen to Nugent's remarks, as posted by Media Matters, below.