Tennessee city councilman threatens to beat 'black n****r' to death during frantic 911 call
City Councilman Johnny James - WVLT screenshot

A Tennessee city councilman who runs a car towing service called 911 earlier this month, telling the operator to send police officers to his place of business or "you're going to have one deceased black n****r down here."

In the recording, reported by WVLT, Loudon City Councilman Johnny James can be heard threatening to beat the man to death.

James says he is not prejudiced and has lots of black friends, but that he was frustrated at his inability to get paid by the man before they got into a fight.

"I regret it, I wish it had never happened, but there's nothing I can do about it, I can't change what the past is," James explained. "He kept agitating me, getting on my truck, agitating me, and he took me to the limit."

Initially addressing the 911 operator as "sweetheart" James identified himself before saying, "If you don't get 941 down here on Bright Rd. you're going to have one deceased black n****r down here."

During the conversation with the operator James was asked if he had any weapons in his wrecker truck, with James replying, "No, I don't need a weapon to beat him to death with."

According to police reports, the men got into a physical altercation, with one man using a shovel while the other used a broom handle. No injuries were reported and neither man filed charges against the other.

James said that he was acting as a private businessman at the time and not as a city official, and if voters were unhappy with him they could oust him at the polls come election time.

Listen to the whole 911 call and interview with James below from WVLT: