Texas cops shoot and kill shoplifting suspect over alleged knife
Crime scene (Shutterstock)

A Texas man suspected of stealing $80 worth of beef brisket from a Waco supermarket and threatening police with a knife died at an area hospital after being shot by officers who were questioning him, authorities said on Wednesday.

Waco Police said Randall Hughes, 48, pulled a knife on officers on Tuesday in a small room of the supermarket and they shot him because they feared for their lives. Hughes died later that evening.

"It was not a small knife. Had he got to our officers, without a doubt, he would have caused serious bodily injury or death," Waco Police spokesman Sergeant Patrick Swanton said.

An officer attempted to subdue Hughes twice with a Taser but he was unaffected, according to police.

"Our officers were forced to discharge their weapons in defense of their lives," Swanton said.

Hughes was struck twice in the upper torso, he added.

No shoppers or employees were injured during the incident.