This graphic perfectly explains why the 'all lives matter' retort to 'black lives matter' is completely idiotic
Graphic shows why "all lives matter" makes no sense (The Other 98%/Facebook)

Black Lives Matter activists have been making waves by interrupting 2016 presidential candidates to ensure that institutional racism doesn't go ignored.

First they interrupted progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). This week, they turned their sights on the conservatives. On Wednesday, they forced GOP contender Jeb Bush off the stage.

When the activists started chanting "black lives matter," some of Bush's supporters began chanting "all lives matter" and "white lives matter" in response, Think Progress reports. It is a retort that Black Lives Matter activists have frequently been subjected to.

But retorting "all lives matter" is not only ignorant and insensitive, it doesn't make any sense. In historical context, "black lives matter" is meant to counteract the fact that black lives have been devalued in the United States since its founding.

As explained in one photo, this is what's wrong with "all lives matter."