Trump: I'm sure Roger Ailes will make Megyn Kelly be 'fair and good' to me after her vacation
Donald Trump (AFP)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested on Friday that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes would ensure more favorable coverage from Megyn Kelly after Kelly abruptly took a 10-day vacation.

"Are you OK with her?" Newsmax host Steve Malzberg asked Trump. "Do you think there's any connection to have her go away for awhile in the wake of what she did?"

"There probably was, but I wouldn't know about it," Trump replied by phone. "I hope she's well and I hope she's feeling fine, and I hope she comes back and she's going to be fair and good. I'm sure that will happen, and I'm sure Roger will make it happen, 'cause he's a fair guy, and he wants things to run smoothly."

Kelly announced on her show on Wednesday that she was taking 10 days off following an "interesting week," a reference to the criticism thrown at her by Trump and his supporters after she asked him about his history of sexist remarks during an Aug. 6 GOP primary debate.

The announcement came two days after she said she would not apologize for asking the question, describing it as "doing good journalism."

Trump also said reports that Ailes told him he wanted to resolve the dispute between the candidate and the network or else "go to war" were false, noting that Ailes called him in the wake of the furor over his clash with Kelly.

"He could not have been nicer," Trump said. "And Roger knows that's not the way to talk to me."

Watch the interview, as aired on Friday, below.