WATCH: Bill Nye hilariously reads mean tweets about himself and shuts down anti-science trolls
Image: Bill Nye reads mean tweets about himself (Screen capture)

In the video embedded below, viewers can watch Bill "The Science Guy" Nye read mean tweets about himself.

Nye released the clip this weekend as part of the Kickstarter campaign dedicated to producing a feature-length film about Nye's life.

In the clip, Nye said, "I'm just reviewing some of the mean tweets that people bother to take the time to tweet about me."

The first one he read aloud said that "Bill Nye sucks butthole."

"Hm," Nye replied. "I did not know that."

"I F***ING HATE BILL NYE THE A**HOLE GUY!!" one angry tweeter all-capped. "F*** THAT MISOGYNISTIC T***!"

He quibbled with the commenter's misuse of the word "tw*t."

"I guess she was in a hurry," he said.

Watch the video, embedded below:

Bill Nye reads Mean Tweets!

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Posted by The Bill Nye Film on Friday, July 31, 2015