A Florida chapter of a fraternity has been suspended after a member was caught on camera chanting the word "rape," the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The video, obtained by Knight News from an unnamed source, is mostly dark. But male voices reportedly belonging to four Sigma Nu fraternity members at the University of Central Florida can be heard saying, "Let's rape some b*tches." A racial slur can also be heard. Then a man says they are going to "rape some f*cking sluts." The word "rape" is repeated multiple times.

It was turned over to UCF officials by a woman who accused the fraternity of sexually assaulting her in October. She said she woke up naked and in pain in the bathroom of the Sigma Nu frat house next to a condom and condom wrapper.

"In a video, there's a brother yelling obscenities, like 'Let's rape some [expletives], rape some sluts' and then yelling, 'Rape' over and over again," according to an incident report filed with UCF's Student Conduct Office, and obtained by the Sentinel.

The video was filmed in June by a woman who doesn't attend the university, after the fraternity members had returned from a bar. She gave the video to the alleged sexual assault victim, who then filed a complaint with UCF.

"She sent me the videos because she felt that they may be able to help me," the woman told UCF officials, according to Knight News.

According to the Sentinel, UCF has a suspect in the assault case and has turned the investigation over to the state attorney's office. The frat was reported to be suspended as of Friday.

Watch the video, as posted by Knight News, here: