WATCH: Foo Fighters expertly troll Westboro protesters outside KC concert venue -- and it rocks
Foo Fighters "rickrolling" Westboro Baptists protesters - Screenshot

Rock band Foo Fighters made fools of Westboro Baptist church protesters outside a Kansas City concert venue of Friday, rolling up in the bed of a truck and "rickrolling" the fundamentalists with a recording "Never Gonna Give You Up" as fans laughed and clapped along.

Westboro Baptist Church has had a contentions relationship with the Foo Fighters -- as well as everyone else not affiliated with their church -- and were the butt of a prank by the band previously. In 2011 the band serenaded the extreme fundamentalists with a version of "Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)" when appearing in Kansas City.

This time the band pulled up in front the protesters -- with their "God hates f*gs" signs -- who were mixed in with Foo fans, dancing in the bed of the truck and blasting Rick Astley's infectious but annoying 1987 hit while holding up signs, one reading: "You got rick roll'd. Again."

For those unfamiliar with it, "rickrolling" is hyperlinking to the video of Astley singing the song in the midst of an unrelated topic as a prank.

Watch the video, uploaded to YouTube by adamisntdumb: