Actor Misha Collins trolls Trump on LinkedIn: 'I can't over-emphasize what a bad fit the presidency is'
Misha Collins (Facebook)

Actor Misha Collins is trying to find Donald Trump a job in case his presidential campaign doesn't work out.

The star of CW's "Supernatural" has been tweeting Craigslist job postings at the reality TV star and Republican frontrunner for a couple of weeks, and he even set up profiles for Trump on social media in hopes of finding him a job.

Sadly, the phony LinkedIn profile was deleted, so the 41-year-old Collins had to find other ways to help Trump find gainful employment.

Collins set up a job seeker profile for Trump on, highlighting the real estate tycoon's qualifications.

"I am currently running for president, but if my commander-in-chief get-richer-quicker scheme doesn't pan out, i'm posting my info here for back-up jobs," the profile explains.

The profile boasts that Trump was "born rich" and was able to recover from bankruptcy when his wealthy father died and left him "hundreds of millions of dollars to start over."

Trump's phony profile also brags that his lifelong wealth has taught him that "anything that exists can be purchased."

"But, if there is one thing money can't buy, it is the confidence of the American people," the profile says. "I'm going to try to buy it, anyway."

Collins lists Trump's skills as "having money," saying "you're fired" and "emotional manipulation."

Watch this video of Collins watching the second GOP debate with his children:

The man in the scarf

My dear, sweet, Donald J. Trump. Earlier i said you were unfit for the Presidency. I feel so stupid now...

Posted by Misha Collins on Wednesday, September 16, 2015