Ann Coulter lashes out at GOP debaters: 'How many f---ing Jews do these people think' are in the US?
Ann Coulter speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Conservative author Ann Coulter reacted to Wednesday night's Republican presidential primary debate by suggesting that the candidates were spending too much time pandering to Jews.

"How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?" Coulter asked in an angry tweet.

In a follow-up message, she speculated that the candidates were trying "to suck up to the Evangelicals."

According to reports, Coulter has fallen out of favor with conservative media in recent months.

New York Magazine's Annie Lowery recounted how Coulter was recently livid after CNN decided against using her on air and left her sitting in the green room instead.

“I haven’t been on CNN yet, because I was made up, my hair was done, I was mic’ed up, I was walking to the set,” she reportedly said at the time, complaining about the network's coverage of the Josh Duggar's molestation scandal.

“The next night, ‘We’re going to do all Doogans again.’ And then the next week, it’s the cop who yelled at a girl in a bikini! And then it’s Bruce Jenner!” Coulter complained.