Texas cop fires gun into wall in anger after server tells him to stop groping her
Temple Police Officer Kenneth Lee Sheka (Facebook)

A Texas police officer was arrested this week after he allegedly fired his gun into a wall in anger because a server rejected his sexual advances.

According to a press release from the El Paso Police Department, Temple Police Officer Kenneth Lee Sheka, 28, was attending a law enforcement convention on Tuesday and engaged in a conversation with a server in the hospitality area of Chase Suites Hotel.

"Their conversation became inappropriate when SHEKA began making comments of a sexual nature and ultimately touched the female inappropriately as she walked past him," the statement said. "The female told him not to do that again and continued to walk away, escorted by another male, when SHEKA pulled out a pistol and fired one round into a nearby wall."

El Paso Police Sgt. Enrique Carrillo told the Temple Daily Telegram that Sheka was quickly subdued after making “crude remarks,” and firing his weapon.

“It was full of officers,” Carrillo recalled. “Our officers were at the event and responded immediately.”

Sheka was arrested by El Paso Police on one count of Deadly Conduct/Discharge of Firearm.

Temple Police Department spokesperson Christopher M. Wilcox pointed out that the officer could also face disciplinary actions.

“We expect our officers to adhere to our code of conduct,” Wilcox explained. “We expect our officers to be professional and courteous, on or off duty, whether they’re in uniform or not.”