Colorado TV station reports on cop's sexist 'giant boobs' remark by airing photo of victim's breasts
Surprised woman facepalms (Shutterstock)

A Colorado television station has come under fire for the way it chose to display the photograph of a local reporter after deputies were caught making sexist remarks about her body.

Durango Herald reporter Chase Olivarius-McAllister told Jezebel earlier this week that several minutes of a sexist conversation between deputies were accidentally left on her voicemail when Deputy Sergeant Zach Farnam returned her call about crime statistics.

After leaving the voicemail, Farnam seems to believe that he has disconnected when an officer can be heard asking if Olivarius-McAllister is "hot."

"Not hot," Farnam replies. "I mean, she’s got an OK body."

"Giant boobs," another officer notes.

"Fucking giant, dude," Farnam agrees. "I mean, not like quadruple Ds or anything. But at least a solid set of Ds, probably double Ds."

One of the officers points out that Olivarius-McAllister is from London: "UK women have big tits. It’s how they’re — how they’re grown over there. I don’t know why."

"I didn’t look at her teeth. But she doesn’t have like a real pretty face at all," Farnam says. "Yeah, and her skirt was like seven and a half inches long. And just.. extremely pale white. But, you know..."

As if the deputies' remarks were not insulting enough, Olivarius-McAllister pointed out on Tuesday that CBS affiliate KCNC's coverage was "unbelievably sexist."

The station's coverage began by showing a Facebook photo of Olivarius-McAllister cropped so that her breasts were included in the frame.

Olivarius-McAllister noted on Twitter that the station had not asked her for a comment, and that it would have been more appropriate to include photos of deputies or county officials, who the station contacted instead of her.

"This coverage is unbelievably sexist. I'm not quoted, period. Yet my picture is splashed on screen?" she wrote to the station. "What does how I look have to do with anything, at all? Why not show photos of anyone else involved - people you actually quote?"

Songwriter Tom Chelston also tweeted KCNC to complain: "You name a victim, share her picture but no mention of the offending Deputy's name or his picture? ... You owe @ChaseOM a proper re-write to include the offending Deputy's name and picture & an apology for perpetuating the sexism."

"That was unbelievably #sexist! Wow. Jesus," Olivarius-McAllister agreed.

Watch the video report below from KCNC.