Comedian raises money for Planned Parenthood by mocking 'truly evil' Ted Cruz on Twitter
Photo mocking Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as posted by comedian Ted Androsky on Aug. 28, 2015. [Twitter]

A Los Angeles comedian raised more than $1,200 for Planned Parenthood by making fun of Sen. Ted Cruz after the Tea Party Republican said he would cut federal funding for the organization if elected president, the Daily Dot reported.

"I think the reason this has resonated with people is because this Republican field is so cartoonish," Josh Androsky said. "They're monsters and they're dangerous, sure, but it's so over-the-top now that it's so easy to push it into comedy."

Androsky said he targeted Cruz after a friend promised to give him $100 if he managed to get the senator to block him on Twitter.

"Ted Cruz is truly evil," he explained. "Why not combat it with targeted silliness?"

The comedian then began posting memes mocking the senator:

Androsky then announced that supporters had pledged to add their own donations the longer Cruz neglected to block him:

He later encouraged donors to throw their own shots at Cruz using Planned Parenthood's donation form:

According to the Daily Dot, donors began leaving contributions in the name of "the time Ted Cruz pouted for a week because his wife wouldn't sleep in the garage when she was on her period," among other knocks, including the one below: