Donald Trump woos 'values voters' by waving Bible and promising to make stores say 'Merry Christmas'
Donald Trump (YouTube)

Donald Trump held up a Bible that he said his grandmother gave him as a boy, pointing to his name and childhood address written inside, during a speech to religious conservatives.

The Republican presidential frontrunner appeared Friday afternoon at the Values Voter Summit, drew boos when he insulted a previous speaker, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), as "this clown."

Trump, who started his speech with a lengthy teleprompter joke and promised not to use the device, veered from topic to topic during his rambling, 11-minute speech.

He attacked illegal immigrants from Latin America but said an Indian immigrant who later founded a successful business in his homeland should never have been forced out of the U.S.

The real estate tycoon and reality TV star told the conservative Christian audience that he was concerned about the erosion of religious liberty in American life.

"The word Christmas, I love Christmas," Trump said. "You go to stores, you don't see the word 'Christmas.' It says 'happy holidays' all over. I say, 'where's Christmas?'"

"I tell my wife, don't go to those stores," he continued, as the crowd began cheering. "I want to see Christmas. You know, other people can have their holidays, but Christmas is Christmas. I want to see 'Merry Christmas.' Remember the expression, 'Merry Christmas?' You don't see it anymore. You're going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you that right now."

Trump did not explain how he would, as president, compel business owners to promote Christian expressions.

Watch the entire speech posted online by JNews: