Dylann Roof's friend Joey Meek Jr. arrested by FBI
Dylann Storm Roof (Mugshot)

FBI officials arrested the 21-year-old South Carolina man who let Dylann Roof stay at his home in the days immediately preceding his shooting attack against a church in Charleston, South Carolina, the Daily Beast reported.

Joey Meek Jr. was arrested more than a month after being notified that he was a "potential target" in a criminal investigation. Meek is reportedly being investigated for deliberate concealment of knowledge of a treasonable act from law enforcement authorities.

Update: Newsweek reported that Roof is expected to plead guilty to murder in connection to the June 17 shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. That report can be seen below.

The attorney for Dylann Roof, the suspect in the June killings of nine African-Americans during Bible study at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, said his client is willing to plead guilty to murder charges to avoid the death penalty. A South Carolina prosecutor recently announced she plans to seek the death penalty in the 21-year-old's…