Fox guest: America shouldn't be the 'world's domestic violence shelter' for Syrian refugees
Jim Hanson on Fox - (Screencap)

Appearing on Fox News, a spokesperson for a rabidly anti-Muslim think tank cautioned against the United States taking in any Syrian refugees because they might be terrorists while saying the U.S. shouldn't be the "world's domestic violence shelter," reports Media Matters.

With thousands of Syrians attempting to escape their strife-torn nation, the world's attention was drawn to the burgeoning refugee crisis after heartbreaking photos of 3-year old Aylan Kurdi  -- whose body was recovered on a Turkish beach after he drowned -- made global headlines.

While multiple European countries are assisting by taking in refugees, some at the behest of Pope Francis, some conservatives are panicked at the idea that a terrorist may slip into the country during the crisis.

Last week New York Rep. Peter King (R) cautioned against accepting refugees, saying: “All you have to do is have a handful of ISIS or Al Qaeda coming in with (the Syrians) and we’ve got our own disaster on our hands.”

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Jim Hanson from the Center for Security Policy -- headed by anti-Islam extremist Frank Gaffney --   echoed those concerns, saying the U.S. would be better off sending troops back into Iraq and into Syria.

"If you start importing people from the places where terrorism originates, you're definitely going to  increase it -- whatever it is," Hanson explained. "You know I find it shocking that same people who say America shouldn't be the world's policeman somehow believe that we should be the world's domestic violence center."

He continued, "I mean if we want to do something good why don't we get to the root cause. Why don't we take down Assad, why don't we take down ISIS. Why don't we make Syria and Iraq a decent place to live? We had the chance and we left it. Now we should potentially go back and help them make that a place they don't have to run away from."

Left unsaid was a belief my many who feel that the U.S. invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam Hussein led to the rise of fundamentalist extremists like ISIS, who had been kept in check by the secular Hussein.

Watch video below from Media Matters: