Homework assignment calling KKK the 'bad guys' nixed after South Carolina parents get upset
Members of the KKK hold a rally (Martin/Flickr )

A school assignment in South Carolina was withdrawn after parents of fifth graders complained that it asked students to create a "Wanted" poster for a KKK member, FoxCarolina reports.

The assignment asked students to sketch the KKK member, come up with three reasons he was a "bad guy" and write up an imaginary reward for his capture. Additionally, students had to come up with three quotes an imaginary contemporary would have said about him.

Parent Eric Robinson said the assignment blew his mind.

"It’s okay to teach kids about hate groups… But to me she went too far with it," he told Fox.

The assignment fulfilled state requirements, but school administrators spoke to the teacher about being more careful with material in the future.

Clinton Elementary principal Nancy Roland told WSPA that students no longer have to complete the assignment.

Robinson said he thought the assignment was too much for a child his son's age and worried it could create racial tension.

But state standards for fifth graders say that students should have a knowledge of the Reconstruction period.

"Students continue their study of the history of the United States in grade five, beginning with Reconstruction and continuing through the present day," the curriculum reads.

Reconstruction is the period immediately following the Civil War. The Klan became active in the South then and remains active today. The KKK is one of the country's oldest and most deadly and notorious hate groups.