Jealous Maryland man takes ‘fire selfies’ after burning down romantic rival’s house: police
Image: Justin Michael Clum mug shot (Glen Burnie PD)

A Maryland man was arrested because he took "fire selfies" in front of the ruins of a house he'd set ablaze hours before, all because his girlfriend had sex with another man.

According to the Washington Post, Justin Michael Clum, 26 was arrested on Saturday and charged with multiple counts of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree arson and other offenses over a blaze he reportedly set on July 17.

In the early morning hours, Clum and his girlfriend were reportedly drinking vodka on a pier when the woman confessed to Clum that she had been intimate with another man.

Clum reportedly "freaked out" and began punching himself in the face.

"Someone's gonna die tonight," he told his girlfriend before driving her to the man's house, dousing the front porch in gasoline and setting the house on fire.

The man who was Clum's intended target was not home, but a couple and their fifteen year old daughter were. They were able to safely escape the home before it was completely engulfed in flames.

The Annapolis Capital Gazette said that 23 firefighters took an hour to contain the blaze. The house was destroyed and the residents received aid from the local Red Cross.

After sparking the blaze, Clum and the woman left the premises and drove to a methadone clinic where they parked outside and waited for it to open.

After obtaining the opiate withdrawal drug, the pair went back by the ruined home, where Clum took what his girlfriend described to police as "fire selfies."

An acquaintance of the couple said that Clum's girlfriend remained silent about the arson incident out of fear for her safety, but when he became violent with her in a domestic assault a month after the fire, she decided to go to police.

He is currently being held on $1 million bond.