Jon Stewart makes cameo in Stephen Colbert’s Star Spangled ‘Late Show’ debut opener
Jon Stewart declares 'Play ball!' to begin Stephen Colbert's first night on 'The Late Show' on Sept. 8, 2015. [YouTube]

Stephen Colbert's Late Show began much like the Colbert Report ended -- with a song.

On Tuesday, however, his CBS run began with the host singing the national anthem alongside bandleader Jon Baptiste, among others, culminating in former colleague Jon Stewart -- dressed as an umpire -- declaring, "Play ball."

Colbert then bounded on stage and greeted the audience saying, "Hello Nation," before adding, "I don't know what that means."

After formally introducing himself, Colbert told viewers, "You are all witnessing television history -- and like most history it's not on the history channel."

He also made time to poke more fun at Jeb Bush, who he mocked last week for using his show in a campaign fundraiser.

"Jeb Bush was governor of Florida," he said. "You would have thought that all those oranges and crazy people would have gotten him used to [Donald] Trump."

Watch the opening to Colbert's new show, as posted online on Tuesday, below.