Josh Duggar's old bosses at the Family Research Council are giving Kim Davis a Christian martyrdom award
Kim Davis mug shot

Anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis will be honored later this month by Josh Duggar’s former employer, the Family Research Council, the Advocate reports.

Davis will get the "Cost of Discipleship" award at the Values Voter Summit on Sept. 25, according to the event's website. Davis became the focal point of the anti-gay movement when she refused to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court ruled in June that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide.

Davis was sued by same-sex and straight couples for refusing to issue licenses and lost the case and all appeals. She was jailed for less than a week for contempt of court for continuing to defy court orders to issue licenses. Davis returned to work Monday and while remaining defiant, Rowan County deputy clerks have been issuing marriage licenses to all couples.

"We are pleased to announce that Kim Davis will be honored at this year's Values Voter Summit," FRC President Tony Perkins told the Christian Post. "After meeting with her last week, I can tell you that Kim Davis wasn't looking for this fight, but she is not running from it either."

The Family Research Council gained national attention after its former executive director, Josh Duggar, resigned in May after it was revealed he had molested underage girls, mostly his sisters, when he was a teenager. The Duggar family had been reality TV stars in the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, which was cancelled when the molestation was revealed.

The Duggar family and FRC are vocally anti-gay.

Davis has become a conservative hero for discriminating against LGBT people. When she was released from jail, she was accompanied by GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz in front of a cheering, cross-waving crowd to the song "Eye of the Tiger," prompting the band Survivor said sent a "cease and desist" letter saying the use of their music by Davis was not authorized.

During this week's GOP debate on CNN, candidates called Davis a hero, with Rick Santorum saying Davis was like a young girl who was killed during the Columbine attack and Mike Huckabee saying that since prisoners at Guantanamo Bay get religious accommodations for their Muslim faith, he thought it was outrageous that Davis did not, though Davis is apparently still employed and no longer in jail.