L.A. sheriff's deputy shot and killed by firefighter husband before he committed suicide
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Cecilia Hoschet [KTLA-TV]

A 32-year-old sheriff's deputy in Los Angeles was shot and killed by her husband on Sunday night, before the husband -- a local firefighter -- killed himself, KTLA-TV reported.

Authorities identified Cecilia Hoschet as the victim on Monday. The couple's six-year-old son was reportedly at home at the time of the shooting. Hoschet's husband, identified as paramedic James M. Taylor, drove the son to a relative's home before shooting and killing himself at a county fire department facility in Pacoima.

It is unclear whether the child witnessed the shooting, but Taylor reportedly did not mention it to the unidentified relative.

The Los Angeles Times reported that investigators are trying to confirm whether Taylor was the person who contacted officials on an emergency services channel to tell them about Hoschet's death or his own intentions of killing himself.

"There's going to be one DB," the person said, using a first-responder term for "dead body." The person also advised, "No assailants. You can let them know it's clear. Also there's going to be one DB at the Pacoima warehouse."

A spokesperson for the sheriff's department, Lt. David Coleman, said Hoschet's neighbors heard the couple arguing on Sunday night at the home she shared with the boy. Taylor allegedly drove a county-issued vehicle there. Coleman said Taylor "said nothing to explain" the incident.

"We have no indication of why this tragedy occurred," he said.

Watch KTLA's report, as aired on Monday, below.