Ohio parents think trans elementary student using girls’ bathroom is violating their ‘Christian rights’
Ohio parents voice concerns about transgender student to school board (WOWK)

Parents freaked out over a transgender student using the girls' bathroom at an Ohio elementary school.

Outraged parents protested Tuesday night at the board meeting of the Northwest Local School District, reported WOWK-TV.

"If you have a child who has boy anatomy, let him go to the boys' restroom," said parent Karen Jones. "If you have a child who has girls anatomy let them go to the girls' restroom. It's simple."

It's actually not that simple.

Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments of 1972 protects a student's right to use the bathroom that corresponds with his or her gender identity, and school officials are not allowed to force students to use unisex bathrooms available at the school.

The superintendent said he had recently refreshed his knowledge of Title IX requirements after the school year opened with a transgender girl at Northwest Elementary School in McDermott.

"Our job is to educate every child regardless of gender, and we want to make sure every child is safe," said Superintendent Todd Jenkins.

School board members told parents at the meeting that their requests and suggestions for handling the situation would likely violate federal education regulations.

"When you address it as though it's the board or this district alone, that's not correct," said Keith Crabtree, the school board president. "I just want to correct that because this is national thing, this is not our decision. We don't have the power to make a decision like that."

Many of the parents felt the transgender child was violating their rights.

"I despise it," said parent Patty Crabtree. "We're Christians, we don't believe in this all these different types of males and females -- you know, what we have now. We have slowly watched all of our rights, our Christian rights, are being taken from us. We are tired of it."

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