Play this awesome old school Bernie Sander's online game that lets you shoot down 'fat cats'
Screenshot of Bernie Sanders side-scrolling game

Now that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls, fans of the senator are looking deeper into his history and have discovered that during his 2006 run for the Senate, his campaign website offered an old school side-scrolling game allowing participants to shoot down "fat cats" from an old fashioned biplane.

In the game -- still operational on the web archive -- players operate the plane piloted by Bernie and take out the "extreme right wing, big money special interests, fattest and mudslingers" for points using the space and arrow keys on their keyboards.

Additional points are picked up by grabbing hydrogen for the eco-friendly plane with additional points for swooping down and grabbing  fact sheets.

At the end of the timed game, Sanders voice congratulates the player on their score with: "The good news is — and there is some good news out there — that is an unbelievable number."

When the game was set up in 2006, high-scorers were rewarded with "Bernie for Senate" t-shirts.

The game can still be found here.

(H/T Mashable)