Shirtless Missouri man screams at neighbors while going door-to-door with American flag and rifle
American flag and gun (Shuttershock)

A Missouri man who stole an American flag and gun went door-to-door screaming that he was looking for his wife and child, the News-Leader reports.

Vernon Jordan, 49, was charged Tuesday with counts including unlawful possession of a firearm, burglary and stealing a firearm, the paper reports. He allegedly went to a string of neighbors' houses and broke in, taking mail, a rifle and a flag.

One victim reportedly told police he said he was with the military and "she better not get in his way or he would take care of her." Another said she had washed an American flag, but when she went to check on it in the laundry room, it was missing.

When police interviewed him, he only remembered waking up after "walking around for days" and picking up the gun and flag. He is held on $25,000 bail.