State Dept. investigating man who threatened journalist after street racing $5 million car
A LaFerrari worth as much as $5 million is seen pulling into a driveway after racing through a residential area. [KNBC-TV]

The State Department is assisting police in Beverly Hills, California in investigating an unidentified man who claimed diplomatic immunity after racing luxury cars through a residential area, KNBC-TV reported.

Footage posted online showed the man driving a yellow LaFerrari 500 -- which can command prices of up to $5 million -- and racing against another motorist in a Porsche 911 at high speeds this past Saturday. The driver of the LaFerrari then had a hostile encounter with a freelance journalist, Jacob Rogers.

"He told me verbatim, 'I could have you killed and get away with it,'" Rogers told KNBC. "I told him, 'the press is allowed to be here on the sidewalk on a public street.' He said, 'F America' and threw a cigarette at me."

The race reportedly began in downtown Beverly Hills before moving into the neighborhood. The footage posted online shows the LaFerrari pull into the man's driveway with smoke coming out of the engine.

"I heard a bunch of loud noises, looked outside," one witness, Aaron Esagoff, told KABC-TV. "I saw a Ferrari coming down the street really fast. It kept on veering around, coming back and forth, back and forth. It was pretty loud."

No residents were injured during the race, though one of the cars involved nearly sideswiped another vehicle. Police have not issued any arrests or citations in connection with the incident.

[h/t Jalopnik]