Stephen Colbert hammers Donald Trump: He's not even white -- he's 'Oompa-Loompamerican'
Stephen Colbert discusses Donald Trump on 'The Late Show' on Sept. 8, 2015. [YouTube]

Late Show host Stephen Colbert indulged himself a little on Tuesday, allowing himself to make one observation regarding Donald Trump -- before giving in to the urge to let him have it some more.

"See? What's on top of his head is definitely his," Colbert said after airing footage of a South Carolina woman vouching for the candidate's hair. "Now it's up to science to decide whether it's actually hair."

Speaking of supporters, the host expressed some surprise that white supremacists are gushing about the real estate mogul's run for the Republican presidential nomination.

"Everyone likes Trump," Colbert said. "Even white supremacists -- which is amazing, 'cause Trump's not even white; he's more Oompa-Loompamerican."

Eventually, Colbert -- who also mocked Trump this past June -- gorged himself on clips of the reality show star, including footage of him stating that putting up buildings was easier than building a wall along the US-Mexico border.

"Yes, a border wall could not be simpler," Colbert said. "Just build a 95-story building [and] knock it over 10,000 times. Then you keep the Mexicans out with a doorman."

Watch Colbert's commentary below.