Twitter hammers Rand Paul after he whines that the GOP base prefers 'reality star' Trump
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Perhaps frustrated by his own lagging numbers in the polls, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) took to Twitter  on Friday afternoon to lament the departure of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry from the 2016 presidential field while questioning the tastes and preferences of the GOP base.

Perry's support in the polls flat-lined causing fundraising to dry up as the former Texas governor was unable to shake the memory of his 2012 run that caused him to be viewed as an intellectual lightweight after his disastrous debate performances. Relegated to the "kids table" portion of the GOP debates and scarcely able to pay his staffers, Perry mercifully pulled the plug on his campaign on Friday saying he had "no regrets."

Perry's departure brought out the angst in fellow presidential aspirant Paul, who has seen his own campaign stall out as billionaire businessman Donald Trump has sucked all of the air out of the room with his blustery statements and insults aimed at his rivals.

After Perry's announcement broke, Paul tweeted; "What does it say about GOP when a 3 & half term Gov w/ a successful record of creating jobs bows out as a reality star leads in the polls?"

Followers and critics of Paul on Twitter were quick to respond in ways that were both hilarious and brutal as they attacked the senator, his party, and his perceived whine that life is not fair.

Rand Paul's tweet:

Then came the flood of comments:

Comedian and actor Michael Ian Black showed up to explain that Rick Perry's widely-mocked "smart glasses" were to blame: