WATCH: Key & Peele show how science helps Neil deGrasse Tyson get out of household jams
Neil deGrasse Tyson (Jordan Peele) tells his wife (Keegan-Michael Key) about the 'little details' of the universe on 'Key & Peele.' [DailyMotion]

This week's episode of Key & Peele featured a recurring send-up of Neil deGrasse Tyson exploring how the astrophysicist's understanding of the universe helps him get out of arguments at home, IO9 reported.

In the first segment, deGrasse Tyson (Jordan Peele) is in hot water when his wife (Keegan-Michael Key) reprimands him for not following through on his promise to walk the dog.

"Now I come back and this little motherf*cker Sputnik has done pissed on my drapes," she says. "Now I've gotta get rid of those things and get new ones."

As she complains about deGrasse Tyson missing the "little details," he gets this faraway look in his eyes before revealing, "Actually, it's the little details that cannot be kept track of, by definition" and launching into a very Cosmos-like explanation of the drape's relative placement in the universe.

However, his attempt to invoke the theory of the "multiverse" when his wife uncovers evidence affair goes awry. Or rather, a Nye.

Watch the segments, as posted online, below.