WATCH: Megyn Kelly laughs at guest who blames 'passive aggressive' Muslim teen for his own arrest
Mark Fuhrman, Megyn Kelly, Richard Fowler - (Fox News Screencap)

A former police officer -- who was booted off the force for racist comments and perjury -- was on the receiving end of some mockery from Fox News host Megyn Kelly after he said that 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was to blame for his arrest by Texas police because he was "passive aggressive."

While Kelly attempted to play both sides of the story-- feeling sorry for the teen while defending school officials for being overly cautious -- guest Mark Fuhrman laid all the blame on the teen for bring the clock he built to school in the first place.

"Mark, I mean, you've got to feel bad for the kid. The kid not do anything wrong. But did the cops do anything wrong?" Kelly asked. "Did the school do anything wrong? To a person, everybody who I've talked to says the thing looked like a bomb. It looked like a bomb."

"Well, certainly, Megyn, there's not very many people -- except for the bomb squad -- that actually knows what an explosive-timed device looks like. So, they were erring on the side of caution. You're talking about an English teacher, and you're talking about police officers that are put in the position that they have to do something," Fuhrman replied. "Now, I don't feel sorry for Ahmed, because he offered no explanation to the police. He wouldn't cooperate. He was passive aggressive by --"

"Passive aggressive?" an incredulous Kelly interrupted as she and guest Richard Fowler burst into laughter.

"By all news reports..." Fuhrman began as Kelly and Rhodes talked over each other while still shaking their heads and laughing.

"I feel like there's a set up going on here," Fuhrman continued. "This kid isn't stupid. So when the police are there, he could have easily explained this. He says 'call my parents. They know I've been building this. I've been building it for a long time.' But he didn't."

As both Kelly and Rhodes pointed out, Mohamed did ask to speak with his parents and was rebuffed by police authorities.

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