Watch Trevor Noah reduce the 3-hour GOP debate into one hilarious, meaningless, 25-second soundbite
Trevor Noah (CBS)

Thanks for nothing, Trevor Noah.

The incoming "Daily Show" host could have saved us all a lot of time with his spot-on, 25-second impression of the Republican presidential debate.

The South African comedian told "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert that he "unfortunately" watched the entire debacle -- which featured awkward physical contact between the candidates, xenophobic rants, religious pandering and wildly false claims.

"That was one of the moments of regrets, Stephen," he said. "It was three hours -- three hours, 10 minutes, 15 minutes -- and no one said anything."

He challenged Colbert to ask him a question about policy or anything else, setting up his impersonation of a rambling, bloviating politician.

Noah's discursive answer resists transcription, but it neatly captures the empty string of trigger words and catchphrases the GOP candidates used to simultaneously anger, inspire and dishearten viewers.

Watch the segment posted online by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: