WATCH: Trump supporter goes bonkers on CNN defending his response to Muslim hater
CNN hostAshleigh Banfield, Paula Johnson of Women for Trump - (CNN/screencapture)

A former state legislator and current co-chair of the New Hampshire-based Women for Trump went off the rails  -- in video captured by Mediaite --while appearing on CNN's Legal View as she attempted to defend the Republican front-runner's failure to shut down a man at a town hall meeting on Thursday who said "We have a problem in this country called Muslims."

In a rare setback for the Trump campaign -- this time over something the candidate didn't say --  Trump has come under attack for glibly passing over the man's comments and not stopping him when he first attacked Muslims.

Asked by host Ashleigh Banfield how the man's comments "landed" with the people at the town hall, Paula Johnson -- who heads up the Women for Trump group -- said that Trump gets asked a lot of questions by his fans at events.

"He did ask the question. Mr. Trump answered it as best he could,"Johnson said. "I think it was an awkward question, but I don't feel -- and this is just my feeling -- that it was a wrong question and expect that you're going to be upset with Mr. Trump if he answered it, and you're upset with him because he gave an answer, saying we're going to look into this. So you know, if he gives the wrong answer, or the right answer --I guess there's no right answer or wrong answer with Mr. Trump."

Stating she was "bedazzled" by the question, Johnson stated that it was understandable because there "are a lot of feelings out there about the immigrants coming into this country."

When talk turned to President Obama --and the Trump supporters who believe that he is a Muslim -- Johnson took offense in a breathless rant, complaining about the president being disrespectful to Israel's leaders, that the media is going after Trump, and that fellow candidates Jeb Bush and Chris Christie aren't being held to the same standards as Trump. CNN producers were forced to lower Johnson's microphone because she wouldn't stop.

Watch the video below captured by Mediaite: