11 dead in US C-130 plane crash in Afghanistan
AFP/AFP/File - A C-130 military transport plane crashed in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan

Eleven people, including six US troops, were killed when a C-130 military transport plane crashed Friday in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan, an official said.

"The crew and passengers were killed," US Army Colonel Brian Tribus said, noting that five civilian contractors were also on the plane.

The crash occurred at about midnight local time on Friday morning (1930 GMT).

The contractors had been working for "Resolute Support," the NATO-led training mission.

The C-130 Hercules is a cargo plane built by Lockheed Martin. It is powered by four turboprop engines and is used extensively by the military to ship troops and heavy gear.

The C-130 can take off and land on rough, dirt strips and is widely used by the US military in hostile areas.

Jalalabad is in eastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan.