Angry driver shoots Georgia woman in the back because she was driving too slow
DeKalb County road rage shooting (WXIA)

A Georgia woman and her son were driving Monday afternoon when another driver pulled up very close behind her in the center lane.

The woman, 44-year-old Angelina Christiano, motioned for the Ford Mustang driver who had been tailing her to pull around her Corvette -- but instead he pulled alongside her and opened fire, reported WSB-TV.

Christiano was shot in the upper back and lost control of her car on Stone Mountain Freeway in DeKalb County, but her 25-year-old son was not injured.

She was hospitalized and listed in serious to critical condition.

The gunman fled the area and remains at large.

No witnesses have reported information about the gunman's license plate, but police are hoping other drivers may have seen which exit the gunman took as he fled in his black Mustang.

Police warned motorists not to engage in arguments with aggressive drivers.

"In today's time, I'd encourage anyone to avoid confrontation with motorists out on the roadway," said Major Stephen Fore, of DeKalb County police. "You just don't know what's in that other person's mind."

Watch this video report posted online by WGCL-TV:

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